Threading Introduction

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Threading Introduction

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FRP threading device, also known as (glass perforated steel, glass steel wear hose, punch, wearing hose, cable wear hose, cable punch) for traction guide rope in the pipeline are excellent aids. Smooth and resilient surface can easily punch through the narrow channel. Perforator consists of three parts: copper, glass fiber reinforced layer, protective layer of high pressure low density polyethylene (smooth, strong, can withstand harsh environments). Copper conductor barrel can be easily placed in different ways.

Rod diameter 11-18mm rod length 100-500m temperature range of -40 ℃ to + 80 ℃ Minimum bending radius 295mm traction fracture tension 4.5T linear density of 150g / m with wall construction leads threading device, length 30m, 40m, 60m, 80m, 120m threading into the base glass steel threading device with ethylene threader. Mainly used for water pipes, pipe wall pull guide rope, cable wires and the like.

Threader most earlier mainly used for wall road traction, and later developed into the sewer line traction cable lines wait. When threading with saving time, effort, improve work efficiency, etc., it can be used for cleaning pipes and fiber optic telecommunications, cable and pipe laying plastic child. First use the fiberglass rod covered by a lead round leads, then coupled with the corresponding metal head, penetration inside the pipe. For cleaning, the cleaning tools guide the first drive, you can clean pipes; for laying cable when, wire or wire can be first into and then, pulling the cable with a wire or wire into the tube.


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