Cable Drum stand introduction

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Cable Drum stand introduction

Date of release:2015-11-23 Author: Click:

Electrical work at high altitude, in order to solve all kinds of problems, we need to cable pay-help, and because our land relatively wide variety of different areas and working conditions in different regions are not the same, leading to cable pay With many types of work to meet the needs, here we come to look at cable pay-classification introduced.

① hexagonal line planes: This is a hand-Taiwan defense vehicles for exhibition put wires on the entire plate line six aliquots of roulette, by pulling rotation defense. This cable pay-reels can rotate freely, so it is very easy to operate.

② hydraulic cable line planes: mainly used in the construction of the line, the extension wire put on hold when the entire disk wire, its lifting height can be flexibly adjusted. With this hydraulic cable line planes, lightweight and durable, suitable for human use actinomycetes, hydraulic line planes and cable pulley, traction mate first class construction, can play a very good role.

③ ladder cable pay-what we called cable bracket, mainly for placing cable tray, put the overhead wire or cable show, this cable line planes also used as a hydraulic power unit, equipped with a small foot in round, so it is very easy to move, easy to operate, easy to use, the ladder cable pay in the production of drill pipe material is selected, so the bending does not occur.

Use according to cable pay us turn into cable tray bracket, wire axis tray, cable pay-as stents, according to its form of promotion can be divided into, hydraulic cable line planes, mechanical cable pay etc. Thus, the type of cable pay-there are many, can be adapted to different regions of different environments.


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