Power became the autonomous regions economic and social development of the "leader"

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Power became the autonomous regions economic and social development of the "leader"

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At 13:52 on July 24, 220 kilovolt Erbao second line, 220 kV Po East, 220 kilovolt line Erbao successfully put into operation, Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Company million-ton steel base project laid the solid energy foundation.

Baosteel 220 kV transmission line project involving three substations already running, two power plants, five lines break grafting engineering, construction procedures complicated, very difficult line preliminary coordination. In order to put into operation as soon as possible substation Baosteel, Xinjiang Electric Power Company attaches great importance to the quality of the premise of ensuring safety, go all out to catch the duration, and finally finished ahead of power transmission project.

In recent years, development of the situation eight steel good, the indicators have made some progress, these achievements are inseparable from the strong support of Xinjiang Electric Power Company. This is the general manager Chen wide steel company Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi evaluation of Xinjiang Electric Power Company service work.

To better promote regional key projects, in February this year, Xinjiang power company started the "regional key project power service Month" activities, planned for 2012 put into operation 55 new 110 kV and above business expanding project all columns the focus on supervision, the establishment of information exchange mechanism for regular customer contact will be held, electricity customers understand the progress of construction projects, problems and needs of the presence of other information, in a timely manner to customer feedback power grid construction progress, strengthen communication and coordination, enhance the level of service supply. Baosteel 220 kV transmission line project is this one of these projects focus on supervision. Undoubtedly, electricity is becoming a regional economic and social development of the "vanguard" and "leader."

"Xinjiang outgoing power" On Energy "major thoroughfare"

May 13, with the Politburo Standing Committee, Zhou Yongkang, secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission announced the start of the project commands, carrying people of all nationalities in Xinjiang "coal away from the air, the whole power transmission in China" aspiration and dreams Hamilton South - Zhengzhou ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project in Xinjiang - Northwest 750 kV main network interconnection project officially started construction of the second channel. Is expected to completed in 2014, Hamilton South - Zhengzhou ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project will set a world record new transmission capacity.

February 16, the National Spring Festival ends. Xinjiang coal trains began to replace a large number of buses, ran out of Xinjiang driving in a busy railway line. After the Urumqi Railway Bureau Hami Service Depot Zhiming, deputy section chief high office door hangs a railway construction and operation plan. "Xinjiang Hami region can only coal Sinotrans now planning goal is transported to the mainland by 2012 50 million tons of coal, 100 million tons transported in 2015, transported 500 million tons in 2020. This transport is very great pressure in Xinjiang . "said this time, Gao Zhiming serious face.

Lu'an Xinjiang Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. Hami Sandaoling mining, coal cars coming and going flocked capacity tension, so that the production and sales of the company once embarrassing. Lu'an Xinjiang Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., deputy section chief of Production and transportation now Zhang Zhong said, "last year's volume of around 5.5 million tons, as new mines come on stream this year, the coal output and surge capacity even more nervous. "Lu promising new group of coal production capacity, that UHV project has been launched this year, Shenhua and Lu generation company since the formation of the new coalition, a coal conversion, Lu new group capacity bottlenecks solved.

It is understood that, with the implementation of "Xinjiang outgoing power" project will promote Xinjiang resource advantages into economic advantages of energy conversion, a substantial increase in investment, employment and tax revenue. According to estimates, Xinjiang situ conversion of coal into electricity, the annual 165 billion kwh of electricity delivery, the use of 80 million tons of coal. Compared with coal, industrial chain has been further extended to higher value-added resources, can directly stimulate investment of 30 billion yuan, increased by about 1.5 percentage points in Xinjiang GDP, increased 60,000 jobs, 300,000 indirect solve employment, increase local government revenue more than 20 billion / year. Xinjiang will become coupled western frontier and the Central Plains "Electricity Silk Road", a "coal away from the air, the whole power transmission China" a new pattern.

Consolidate the foundation for development of Xinjiang strong grid

The poet said: the sun is new every day.

For all Qiang Xinjiang jujube Industry Co., Ltd., general manager Zhang Jianguo, he has a deeper understanding of this sentence: "to the development of the national grid is our business to create a new sun." This is the establishment of a October 2009 enterprises in Xinjiang Ruoqiang County Bazhou tile Shek Kip Township developed jujube cultivation area of 30,000 mu. Whenever you use electric water pump pumping irrigated land, accounting for almost one-third of the required electricity generation capacity of the county. Once encountered tight supply, power consumption in order to ensure county residents, often the first to be limited to electricity customers.


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