China UHV will form three vertical and three horizontal part of the grid Bureau

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China UHV will form three vertical and three horizontal part of the grid Bureau

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A number of leading international technical standards

January 6th, 2009, 1000 kV Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jingmen UHV AC pilot demonstration project put into commercial operation. The project is to run the world's highest voltage level, most advanced technology, with completely independent intellectual property rights of AC power transmission project in China and also the development of UHV transmission technology start project, first put into operation in UHV .

According to the State Grid Corporation of the person in charge, the project equipment localization rate reached 90%, which means that China fully mastered the core technology of UHV AC transmission, with a production capacity of UHV equipment.

In addition, the engineering practice, the State Grid Corporation of the world's first study presents UHV AC transmission technology standard system seven categories consisting of 77 standard, a national standard has been revised, published 15 national standards and 73 enterprise standards, patents have been received 431 (mandated 237), China has established a leading position in UHV transmission technology research, equipment manufacturing, engineering design, construction and operation areas.

After this demonstration project of UHV AC transmission successfully run a half years, this year July 8, Xiangjiaba - Shanghai ± 800 kV HVDC transmission demonstration project successfully put into operation. So far, China has begun to enter UHV AC and DC hybrid era, preparation UHV grid construction have all been ready.

The "three vertical and three horizontal one ring"

Reporters learned from the State Grid Corporation, the company UHV "Twelfth Five Year Plan" in the "three vertical and three horizontal one ring" refers to the Ximeng, West Inner Mongolia, Zhang north, northern Shaanxi energy base by three longitudinal Laid AC high voltage channel to the "three Chinese" transmission, the northern coal, hydropower southwest through three lateral UHV power transmission channel to the north, central and Yangtze River Delta UHV ring. Among them, the "three vertical" is Ximeng - Nanjing, Zhangbei - Nanchang, Northern Shaanxi - Changsha; "three horizontal" is Mengxi - Weifang, Jinzhong - Xuzhou, Ya'an - Anhui three lateral transmission channel; "a ring "is the Huainan - Nanjing - Taizhou - Suzhou - Shanghai - Zhejiang North - Anhui - Huainan Yangtze UHV double loop network. In HVDC project, the "five-second" period, the southwest with hydropower, wind power base in northwest North China coal development and construction of Jinping - Jiangsu Press Ⅱ HVDC transmission project to build the Qinghai-Tibet DC Interconnection to meet Tibet power supply to achieve Tibet power grid and the Northwest Interconnected.

State Grid Corporation's goal is to 2020, built the "Three Chinese" special high-voltage synchronous network-centric, high voltage power grid in Northeast, Northwest 750 kV power grid as the sending end, linking the major coal bases, large hydropower bases, large nuclear power base, large renewable energy base, strong and smart grid power at all levels to coordinate development.

Analysts said that in this plan, the next five years UHV investment will reach 270 billion yuan. Which is better than the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of 20 billion yuan investment, an increase of a full 13 times more. "Twelve Five" period, will become an important stage in the development of UHV power grid.

Powerful transmission capacity to build a strong intelligence network

UHV AC and DC power grid construction is strong and smart grid transmission link important content is strong and smart grid construction integral and important part of the promotion of strong and smart grid construction has very important significance.

It is estimated that by 2020, the western coal base in the eastern part of the outer planning to send coal 234 million kilowatts, of which by UHV AC and DC Power Delivery 197 million kilowatts. Shanxi, northern Shaanxi coal delivery by UHV, West Inner Mongolia Ximeng Ningdong coal by UHV AC and DC hybrid delivery, Xinjiang, eastern Inner Mongolia coal by UHV DC to "the north, east and central China." power transmission grid.

In addition to traditional coal, the UHV will also undertake hydropower transport tasks. At the same time, by means of a delivery channel delivery of wind power base of coal, wind, fire, sent by bundling way to the "three Chinese" electric grid, enabling west wind in the larger context consumptive, promote large-scale development of wind power and other renewable energy sources use.


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