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Power equipment manufacturing industries around the corner

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In recent years, the state has increased the entire equipment industry localization support. Particularly in the energy field construction, established a number of independent demonstration projects and support projects by bundling tenders, centralized form of market resources, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to support key enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, combined with construction of key projects, organized a major equipment and technology research. These policy measures greatly contributed to the process of energy equipment independently, under the strong pull of market demand, the power equipment manufacturing industry ushered in an unprecedented rapid development momentum, industry technical level has improved significantly, and some areas already ranks among the advanced . However, with the continuous expansion of the scale of the power equipment manufacturing industry, the industry some hidden problems also will appear.

A problem

In the wind power equipment manufacturing industry has not achieved greater economic benefits, while excess capacity was showing signs. China's wind power industry is fast, but the current lack of presence of the lower core technology and product quality problems. To future large-scale development must rely on technological progress and innovation to reduce costs; In addition, wind power generation and Wang Shi Yi also need to move forward as soon as possible, otherwise the domestic market will not start.

B Future

Break the existing pattern of international mergers and acquisitions down the road

Electric power equipment manufacturing industry on its own technology and product features, is a better economic industry. Internationally, the large power equipment manufacturing enterprises are mostly giant multinational diversified (especially international acquisitions and restructuring in recent years). The enormous size and diversity of products for technology development and risk resistance provides sufficient support. China's power equipment manufacturing enterprises due to decentralization of funds, resulting in more single product, the majority of business equipment behind the low level of technology, small scale, the result would be a weak ability to resist risks. Capital of domestic enterprises, production capacity and sales income, a large gap with foreign countries. This is China's electric power equipment manufacturing industry, especially small and medium power equipment manufacturing enterprise market fluctuations affect the main factors; even some large companies, in a joint project bidding, cooperation in subcontracting, often squeezed by foreign investors, operating performance is greatly affected, and even cause a loss of business.

Therefore, at this stage of the domestic market in international competition, to win the market and achieve our development of electric power equipment manufacturing industry, we must break the existing pattern, changes in domestic electric power equipment manufacturing industry's own association or merger situation, deepening reform and take the road of international mergers and acquisitions. Merger and reorganization of the main direction is to improve the self-development of China's electric power equipment design and manufacturing capabilities, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign power equipment market. To strengthen the close integration of scientific research and production, technology and economy, accelerate the introduction of digestion and absorption of technology, enhance technical reserves and accelerate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, industrialization, technology and equipment so that the power level at or near the international advanced level over the same period. To grasp the large nuclear power, ultra-supercritical thermal power units, heavy duty gas turbine and large complete sets of AC and DC power transmission equipment, and other major technologies and equipment and systems engineering design, manufacturing technology, the development of proprietary electrical equipment. From the electrical equipment of key equipment (components) to start to address key components of design, manufacturing and key aspects of the technical material, improve its quality and reliability, to develop a number of new high-tech, high-performance, high-reliability equipment . Breakthrough in the application of new technologies and new energy generation technologies. Establish power equipment manufacturing base technology, applied technology, the system sets research system and research platform.

C Trend

An initial structural adjustment path direction to show the development of high-end

In the face of important strategic opportunities of the national economy and power of rapid industrial development, further enhance independent innovation capability, to achieve leapfrog development, efforts to catch up with the advanced international level, and effectively protect the energy security and economic security of the nation, is placed in China's power equipment manufacturing an important issue before us.

UHV grid construction by leaps and bounds into a power source

Under the policy focus on strengthening the power grid construction, China's UHV power grid will accelerate the construction process, which is to solve the distance between the base and the energy load center, large-scale, high-capacity power transmission problems, promote structural adjustment and energy distribution optimal allocation of energy resources to ensure national energy security inevitable choice. China's power equipment manufacturing industry to seize the rare opportunity of UHV power grid development, good UHV project operation and management, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the project, and timely organizational acceptance.

UHV power grid construction will promote the adjustment and optimization of the organizational structure of the power equipment manufacturing industry, greatly enhance the technical level of the whole industry. UHV equipment R & D to get technology, as well as by experiment, calculation, analysis of comments on the performance of equipment and devices in-depth understanding of operational feedback, will promote domestic enterprises to 750 kV and 500 kV and below voltage product design optimization improve, improve equipment reliability, thereby enhancing the domestic enterprises in the voltage level of 500 kV and below market competitiveness. So that our future from the high pressure, high pressure to UHV construction of the entire system power, the further away from dependence on major foreign equipment and technology, and achieved dominance.

Currently, the UHV transformer, reactor, GIS, casing, surge arresters, converter valve, control key protection equipment development has made a breakthrough. The highest voltage 1200 kV, the maximum capacity of 250,000 KVA UHV transformer has been developed to complete; UHV 1000 kV GIS switch prototype has been completed and its dedicated production plants are under construction; converter valve in terms of control and protection dc , has completed UHV control and protection of the underlying platform upgrade, control and protection of UHV protection design and architecture, design thyristor valve assembly and the optimization of the structure of the tower and other core technologies, has achieved initial results. These key technologies, and gradually master the core technology, the success of UHV construction project has laid a good foundation.

With the construction of power transmission project put into operation, China's power transmission equipment manufacturing enterprises will continue in the business cycle. Statistics show that in recent years, China Southern Power Grid invested 90 billion yuan for the construction of power grids, more than originally planned 30 billion yuan. The State Grid Corporation has completed the expansion of domestic demand project equipment purchase contract 7.11 billion yuan, the total investment amount far greater than the China Southern Power Grid.

Power industry restructuring will facilitate optimization

The core of our power structure adjustment is reasonable, moderate increase in new energy and renewable energy ratio, reduce the proportion of thermal power. 2002 to 2007, the national total installed capacity of thermal power capacity share are as follows: 74.5%, 74%, 74.5%, 75.7%, 77.6% and 77.4%. Based on the principles of resource use, bear the brunt of the adjustment is to reduce the power structure proportion of thermal power. New energy development and the organizational structure of China's power equipment manufacturing industry to adjust a major impact. National Development and Reform Commission published in 2007, "long-term renewable energy development plan" clearly requires the 2010 national consumption of renewable energy should account for about 10% of total energy consumption in 2020 reached 15%, would be required to achieve planning tasks The total investment of about 2 trillion yuan. Promote new energy and renewable energy construction projects, will bring many new market demand.

Accelerate the pace of wind power development. Currently, wind power installed capacity has more than nuclear power. The next ten years in Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places on the formation of several million kilowatts of wind power base, is expected to achieve by 2020 wind power installed capacity of about 100 million kilowatts goals. Increase solar power generation capacity. 2009 started construction of the largest grid-connected solar power plant northwest Qaidam Basin solar power plant, the first phase investment of about 10 billion yuan, the construction scale of 30 MW, planned total installed capacity of 1 million kilowatts.

Nuclear power project started to expand the scale. Nuclear power is an important development direction of China's energy structure adjustment, the coming years will be to develop nuclear power. Currently, the state has approved Fuqing, Fujian, Zhejiang, Fang Shan, Guangdong Yangjiang three nuclear power plant project, a total of 10 million-kilowatt unit investment required is estimated at 120 billion yuan.

Strengthen and promote energy saving products into high-end

Power industry is energy conservation work to strengthen our focus areas, June 3, 2007 the State Council issued a "comprehensive energy reduction program of work" clearly pointed out the need to strengthen energy-saving power generation scheduling and demand side management. Develop and implement as soon as possible in favor of energy saving power generation scheduling approach, giving priority to clean, efficient power generation units and comprehensive utilization of resources, limiting high energy consumption, heavy pollution and inefficient generating unit. For the proportion of China's power structure, high energy consumption, heavy pollution of small thermal power units is too high, over the years, the state adhere to the "shutting down small thermal power units" and "big pressure on the small" power structure adjustment policies, complete power energy industry reduce consumption and pollution reduction mandates.

"Great pressure on small", required power equipment products by the high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency of the low-end products to high efficiency, low consumption, low-carbon high-end products. In the turbine structure, we must develop more than 600,000 kilowatts and ultra (ultra) supercritical units, large-scale combined cycle unit to replace the retired small units, and the use of clean and efficient technological transformation of existing thermal power generation group. At the same time, to promote CHP, CCHP and thermal coal gas multiple supply. In the industrial areas dominated by thermal load, according to local conditions building to heat-based back-pressure units; heating load is concentrated in the development potential of the area or building 300,000 kilowatts Level efficient and environmentally friendly cogeneration unit; in the construction of medium and small cities to circulating fluidized bed technology-based thermal power and coal gas to clean energy for distributed CHP and CCHP fuel will decentralized heating small coal-fired boilers for the central heating. Organizational restructuring and optimization of China's power equipment manufacturing industry should actively adapt and meet the requirements of power industry development, and create conducive to strengthening energy conservation, power and energy to achieve a new situation and coordinated economic and social development.


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