Cutter mill cutter grinding core part of the structure

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Cutter mill cutter grinding core part of the structure

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Winch core part of the main components are: grinding core activities support brackets, bushings, sleeve bearings, bearing caps, hats fight, the shaft cover, the sleeve and the support shaft.

Grinding the outer diameter of the core is two big middle small taper is connected by an arc, it is by flat keys and reducer output shaft coupling.

Activities supported by the left bracket, right bracket, bracket base, U-ring, buckle and studs composition. The left and right bracket is inserted into the slot bracket seat positioning pin column. Its role is to open in the non-working left and right bracket for easy rope loading and unloading, after the snap buckle closure and tighten the screws into the plugs in order to work. Relied load carrying and unloading work.

211 ball bearings mounted on the bearing sleeve, bearing cap covering it with a cap bearing cap fight fight to live. The bearing on the output shaft journal, which installed in the core sleeve and grinding contact bushing fitted outside, and it will be positioned with the shaft cover on the shaft.

Its working principle is: the rope snapping and creates friction and wear heart under load and pull the tail rope personnel. Since the mill is tapered at both ends of the core, on the one hand while rotating along the rope into the rope end into the rope, on the other hand slipped along the taper and rotate the rope slipped and brought out a rope (the rope on the grind core progress on a number of rope How much rope, thus ensuring smooth motor cutter grinding work). Loads on the grind core tension transmitted to the output shaft, the force transmitted to the output shaft bushing (bearing drag) and 211 ball bearings, then through the bearing sleeve, movable support bracket, U-shaped loop of force to be unloaded pile.


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