Motorized winch fault diagnosis and troubleshooting

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Motorized winch fault diagnosis and troubleshooting

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FM type motorized winch has been in more than 20 provinces Transmission and Distribution, electricity, oil pipelines, mining and other units widely used. According to the construction of these units in the field, as reflected in some cases, we conclude that the cause and determine some failures generated exclusion method, for your reference.


Fault phenomenon


Method of exclusion

Jaw coupling means with a metal crash

Rubber drive block may break or broken at high temperature, jaw coupling plate and the anchor collide

The gasoline engine is removed, remove the positioning sleeve and pulled out the broken rubber drive block, change into new rubber drive block.

Since in transit, affecting gasoline and coaxial clutch makes claw coupling plate and the positioning sleeve friction, collision.


Coaxial adjustment of gasoline engine and clutch

Activity wheel slip

Wheels outer wear.

Replace the wheels.

Wheels tied

Gap adjustment wheels and holder is too small.

The handle is connected to the clutch gear loosen two screws, remove gear, adjusting wheels, depending on the activity wheel and anchor friction does not occur, then the connecting shaft gears to rotate in a clockwise direction, that the handbrake wheel brake tight, fitted connection gear, the angle at which the clutch 45 ° ~ 60 ° is appropriate, tighten the screws.

Plane bearing ball bearings and wheels of the holder within the abnormal sound and movement is not smooth phenomenon.

Due to poor maintenance, lack of oil bearing made

Into the early damage.

Replace the ball bearings and bearing plane


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