Why percussion when gasoline cutter mill operation

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Why percussion when gasoline cutter mill operation

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1, the ignition advance angle is too large: re-adjust ignition timing.

2, the mixture is too thin: Check the fuel system (including carburetor adjustment needle).

3, too much coke combustion chamber, causing preignition: Clear carbon deposits in the combustion chamber

4, the spark plug overheating: replacing.

5, piston pin excessive wear: check and replace the piston pin.

6, piston, cylinder wall wear and tear, the gap is too large, causing the sound, such as the engine sound and reduce the heat to go: check and replace the piston (when the piston and the cylinder gap exceeds a predetermined value)

7, the gasoline engine has been working for a long time, due to wear gear gap is too large, such as a sudden drop in speed, you can hear the percussion: Check backlash, if more than a predetermined gap, replace gears.

8, connecting rod and crankshaft elbow macroporous gap is too large, when the speed suddenly increased or decreased, with a clear percussion: Replace connecting rod or crankshaft.


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