Mill cutter Gasoline unable rated power solutions

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Mill cutter Gasoline unable rated power solutions

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Mill cutter Gasoline unable rated power solutions.

1, poor compression: cylinders, pistons, piston rings excessive wear, broken or stuck; Mifengbuyan valve, this time worn parts must be replaced or cleaned stuck ring; grinding valve or adjust the valve clearance.

2, carburetor and fuel oil is not smooth: check the cleaning.

3, ignition timing right: Check and adjust the ignition timing.

4, or dirty spark plug gap is inappropriate: Dirty remove or adjust the electrode gap.

5, improper valve clearance adjustment: adjust the valve clearance

6, clogged air filter: air filter cleaning and maintenance.

7, the mixture is too thick or too thin: Adjust the carburetor main needle.

8, not fully open throttle: the throttle fully open.


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