Cutter mill beyond one-way brake assembly and disassembly

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Cutter mill beyond one-way brake assembly and disassembly

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1, the assembly:

a. The friction disc loaded into the output shaft with a flat key and the retainer ring fixed to the shaft, and then the friction disc tops needle, the needle should be loaded friction disc slot butter, the needle Nianman .

b. The friction plates mounted on both sides of the lock plate, with countersunk head screws on the lock plate.

c. The self-locking disc assembly face of the output shaft groove high part, that is, for the scroll position on the left, with the friction plate mounted on the needle, and then placed in a self-locking roller circle, since if the roller Unable to put stability in the lock plate, butter can be used to stick in the lock plate, assembled but be sure to wash the butter, otherwise the rollers will not move to the inner brake wedge angle.

d. The self-locking mechanism assembly in the gearbox body, screw on the double gear mounted on the positioning sleeve, insert the taper pins, tighten the anti-Song Zhasi last ratchet screw fitted to the seat.

2, disassemble

FM-ⅠB (ⅠD) type motor cutter grinding demolition methods:

Open the transmission cover, the output shaft on the tail ligation Panasonic exit positioning taper pin. Ratchet fastening screws under the seat with a screwdriver inserted between the double gears and transmission gear, the gear can not make double rotation. Then insert the splined sleeve on the output shaft spline, clockwise rotation of the output shaft, the use of ratchet screw drive ejection seat, and finally from the lock mechanism.


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