Angle grinders and angle grinders What is the difference?

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Angle grinders and angle grinders What is the difference?

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Cutter mill Uses: cutter mill is mainly used for power transmission project (including underground power cable project), telecommunications, telecommunications engineering construction group established tower, pulling cable, tighten the wire, lifting heavy objects and tools, especially for city small quantities of motor cutter grinding operations.

Machine main components: the power head, gearbox and chassis winch.

Power equipment: gasoline or diesel powered handpiece imported or domestic, which imports head Optional: Japan's Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Honda, BS, Robin and other gasoline or diesel.

Grinder scientific name "angle grinder", a commonly used electric handheld cutting grinding tools.

With AC or DC drive motor, drive gear umbrella.

Angle grinder high-speed operation, and use of the workpiece surface of the working portion or for cutting.

Domestic common angle grinder model specifications in accordance with Annex division used is 100 mm (4 inches), 125 mm (5 inches) and 150 millimeters (6 inches), 180 mm (7 inches) and 230 millimeters (9 inches). Small size grinder used in Europe and America more than 115 mm.

Generally in accordance with angle grinder size and weight it will be divided into three categories, light angle grinder (100,115,125), medium-sized grinder, a large angle grinder.

Angle grinder common attachment: cutting, grinding, thousands of impeller, stone cutting movie, wool wheel, wire wheel (disk), twisted wire wheel (disk), Shabu round, round and so on sandpaper.


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